Maxine was born in West London in 1984 and has been writing words for other people since her teens. Among the youngest of a large extended family spread across the world, she holds dual Anglo-German nationality, with parents from West Dorset and East Berlin. She started her career in journalism and copywriting but retreated to fiction for the freedom of making things up (or writing what you can’t about reality without being sued…). Her first serious attempt at a novel, centring around a university reunion and politically-divided marriage, was written and set during the Coalition era and politely abandoned after being beset by timeliness issues; funnily enough. CLEVER STUPID a memoir around dyspraxia, was supported by the Arts Council and New Writing South and will come to you in some form, sometime. She has also reached the advanced stages of BBCs Script Room and was part of the Creative Space programme with former arts charity IdeasTap. She is currently writing a novel, CATCH A MOVING TRAIN and runs Genuine Copy. When not writing, she enjoys various publicly-acceptable ways to sweat, yell and kick things, including running, horse riding and boxing. Maxine grew up with vague notions of writing books, falling in love uncomplicatedly and living somewhere nice. Just the first one will do…

Photography by Les Byron Pitt