What do success and tragedy reveal to us about who we hold onto and why? And does it help to know we’re not the only one?   

CATCH A MOVING TRAIN is a novel-in-progress which takes place over sixteen years from the turn of the Millennium, following the gradually-interconnecting lives of two very different modern women who are brought together because of a man they both know, and whose friendship is tested following his sudden death. Magda Havel built her life during London’s boom years, when Britannia was cool, self-doubt wasn’t allowed, and saying too much would spoil the party. Vonny Weisz is a blogger, ten years younger, a product of the recession, and used to sharing her intimate fears with internet strangers. They both have brittle humour, neglected foreign heritages, and loaded histories involving the complicated Leo. Their friendship comes after a decade of personal challenges for them both as their aspirations meet harsh realities. Following Leo’s death, they struggle to reconcile their different lives, including how much to reveal to each other, and beyond, of their private pasts and difficult feelings. For Magda, the lasting consequences of her involvement with Leo are greater than she can even admit to herself.

Unfolding from the Blair years, through the financial crash, to just short of when Brexit became a word, CATCH A MOVING TRAIN is a story of two women trying to make sense of themselves, a man and each other against a backdrop of change and loss. It also touches on the complacent nature of affluent society amid the indiscrimination of grief.

Having co-written information and support publications with experts in mental health and bereavement, I wanted to explore how personal histories, generational markers and relationships with technology shape different responses to loss. After considering an MSc in trauma research, I decided to do it through creative writing rather than academia, and built this story.

Other fiction includes the short plays WHO TO FOLLOW, exploring political and personal tensions in the Twitter age, and JUDGEMENT, about an encounter between an unforgiving reporter and the wife of a powerful man in prison.