About Me

The corporate version... Maxine Frances Roper is a freelance writer and speaker. She writes for a variety of publications on health, education and the arts, and trains businesses and organisations in how to identify and support people with dyspraxia. She has presented to companies from a range of sectors including Sainsburys, IdeasTap, St Mungos, Deloitte, the National Audit Office, the Open University and the Business Disability Forum. She has a keen interest in mental health and its links with dyspraxia and related conditions. As well as journalism and copywriting, she writes fiction and memoir: her first screenplay was longlisted for the BBC Script Room in 2013. She is an advisor to and former trustee of The Dyspraxia Foundation

The pub version... I was born in West London in 1984 to an East German mother and Dorset-born father who met in East Berlin. I spent my first year in the world being expected to die and have been stubborn in the face of adversity ever since. At 15, I hit upon journalism as the best way to channel curiosity, obsessive tendencies and a flair for writing and not much else into a career. I wrote my first profile piece at 17, which was a bad idea for lots of reasons but a learning experience in lots of ways. My non-media jobs have ranged from supporting language-impaired children to handling customer complaints for a tobacco firm. I have lived at six different addresses in the last ten years. I like political dramas (fictional and real), plain English, European history, Twitter, theatre, running, and music. I'm a passionate advocate for dyspraxia and mental health. I also blog elsewhere semi-anonymously about things that are too personal or too niche for the press. I spend a lot of time in London, on Twitter, thinking about my book and waiting for an occasion to visit the Donovan Bar. I frequently juggle listening to Radio 4 podcasts on foreign policy with watching 90s soaps on YouTube.

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