Speaking and Training

I regularly give presentations and talks to organisations on supporting adults with dyspraxia in the workplace and education. My audiences range from City boardrooms to community group coffee mornings. I speak from personal experience of living with dyspraxia, often alongside academics or health professionals speaking from those perspectives.

I can give a broad introduction to dyspraxia, or cover any one of the following areas in detail.

  • Dyspraxia and Creativity The positive side of dyspraxia, and how to use it to your advantage
  • Dyspraxia/Hidden Disabilities at Work Information on dyspraxia in the workplace for public and private sector employers, HR professionals and employees; Dealing with capability procedures and dismissal as a disabled employee
  • Dyspraxia/Hidden Disabilities in Education How to identify and support children with dyspraxia in school, at university and after graduation. What it's like to go all the way through school undiagnosed
  • Dyspraxia in Relationships Insights and information for dyspraxic people in relationships, and relatives or partners who want to understand dyspraxia better
  • Dyspraxia and Mental Health Information on dyspraxia and SpLDs for mental health professionals and service users

Organisations which have hosted or attended my talks include Sainsburys, the TUC, Deloitte, Shell, Barclays, SOCA, the National Audit Office, IdeasTap, St Mungos, The Open University and PATOSS. The Dyspraxia Foundation and the Business Disability Forum refer speaker requests to me.

Practicalities: I am based in Bucks but speak across the UK and internationally if travel and accommodation expenses are covered. For those unable to meet these costs I offer webinars, Skype/FaceTime sessions and printed materials for a smaller fee.