For professional copy without the agency price tag, hire me. Whether you're a sole trader or a multinational, a children's book publishing company or a pension provider, I can give you the words you need to reach the customers you want.  

Examples of my work:

  • An organisation which helps big businesses communicate with disabled customers wanted their training guides rewritten to make them relevant to Communications and Marketing staff, not just HR. I helped them do this by simplifying their language, using fewer words and providing more case studies to appeal to the audience they were trying to reach.
  • A company which provides Access to Work Assessments for disabled people wanted their website's copy updated as it had not been looked at for years and was out of date. I improved the flow of sentences and fact-checked lists of links and contacts to remove outdated information.
  • A publisher of celebrity fan annuals asked me to write the latest one in their series, about a teen pop idol. I researched and wrote the copy according to page titles they provided, such as: "Ten Reasons Why We Love.…" "Five Things You Didn't Know About.…"
  • A former teacher and businessman had designed a series of learning aids for schoolchildren and wanted a copywriter for his promotional website. He was clearly enthusiastic about his business but his energy didn't come through in his writing, which was dry, repetitive and full of jargon. I reworked his copy so that it did justice to his product.
Your questions answered: 
  •  "What kinds of organisations do you write for?" I work with organisations of all sizes and many types, from large companies to small charities. I specialise in businesses working with disabled people, and in helping businesses communicate with hard-to-reach groups. I meet writers and journalists with a huge range of specialisms, from social affairs to history to luxury goods. 
  • "What kinds of copy do you write?" I write copy for websites, blog posts, press releases, brochures and all types of direct marketing, from promotional videos to product descriptions.
  • Are there any subjects you won't write about? I won't promote bogus health or slimming products, gambling, pyramid schemes or payday lenders.
  • "Do you understand Content Management Systems, SEO etc?" I've been building small websites and writing for the web for over fifteen years. I've run many professional and personal blogs using WordPress, and know basic HTML/CSS/PHP.
  • "Where have you worked before? I want someone with staff/agency/in-house experience…" Before freelancing I worked for a digital media company. After I left I was offered and shortlisted for agency jobs but the timing coincided with the growth of my business. I'm postgraduate-educated, and a qualified journalist. 
  • "How much do you charge?" Please contact me to discuss your needs. 
  • "What information do you need for a quote?" It helps to be as specific as possible about what you need, and include any written material or information you think would be useful. Based on this, I will then send you an estimate of how many hours I think the copy will take. 
  • "Will you meet me to discuss my project?" I can meet face-to-face in Buckinghamshire, Reading or London once we've agreed a fee for the work. For meetings elsewhere I charge travel expenses. If you're not local but would like the peace of mind of an in-person meeting, I'm also happy to speak via Skype or FaceTime.
  • "What if I don't like the copy/want to change it?" My fee includes one set of changes. This is usually all that clients ask for.
  • "How long will my copy take?" Depending on the size of your project and my availability, I aim to finish your copy within up to seven working days. For urgent projects, I offer a 24-hour service, at a higher rate.