Some common questions I’m asked…

Working with me

If you’re an organisation interested in working with me as a writer or speaker, please get in touch. If you’re looking for information or advice about dyspraxia, ADHD or neurodivergence, see the section below.

Please note: I’m unable to work for free for anyone who approaches me with that expectation, or accept vouchers as an alternative to payment.

Biography and photos for events or press

All photos on this site are by Les Byron Pitt. You can use any of them for event publicity.

If you need a short bio suitable for a business or charity event, ask me.

Becoming a writer or writing advice

For everything to do with writing, I recommend The Literary Consultancy (TLC). They’re a wonderful organisation offering all sorts of support to writers at every stage, whether you’re new to writing or an experienced author. They support writers of books in all genres, as well as poetry and screenplays.

For advice about copy and content writing, check out ProCopywriters.

If you’re a journalist or aspiring journalist, there’s loads of advice online about how to pitch to editors. Who sometimes put out information about what they’re looking for on their social media channels. If you’re a woman and/or neurodivergent, I’d also recommend getting to know people who are these things through the NUJ, or through Women in Journalism, which has a mentoring scheme.

I don’t write a lot of writing tips because everyone’s journey is so different and they’re an easy way of procrastinating my actual writing and reading. But when I do, you’ll find them on this site, or anywhere else you can find me.

Finding support if you’re neurodivergent, or think you might be

I hear from many people about dyspraxia, ADHD and other types of neurodivergence. I appreciate all messages and reply whenever I can, but this isn’t always possible because of the amount I receive.

Please also be aware I’m not a coach or counsellor and can’t give individual advice. Like a lot of neurodivergent people, I’ve had a lot of well-meant but inappropriate advice during my life, and I don’t want to do that to anyone else. I’m working on a downloadable list of resources which should be ready when my book comes out.

Finding support after a suicide or other sudden death

I’m really sorry you’re here, but glad to be able to tell you about people who can help you.

Suicide & Co offers free or pay-what-you-can counselling to adults in the UK who’ve been bereaved by suicide. They also have a telephone helpline, online chat and a support app. I’m one of their Ambassadors.

Winston’s Wish supports bereaved children and young people in the UK.

Sudden is a UK charity supporting people bereaved by any type of sudden death, and those who care for them.

What’s Your Grief and Grief Works offer online support for all types of grief. If it feels difficult for you to grieve because of the way the person died or your relationship with them, you might find this article from WhatsYour Grief especially helpful.

GriefCast is a wonderful podcast hosted by comedian Cariad Lloyd.

If you’re in distress and need help right now
  • Call the CALM Helpline on 0800 58 58 58 to speak to a trained counsellor. They’re open from 5pm until midnight, every day of the year.
  • Read this page.
Book recommendations

I’m often asked for book recommendations on subjects I write about, especially neurodivergence, grief, and being a woman my age and stage. Here’s a list.

Taking up running

It sounds simple and boring, but the Couch to 5K app really did help me start running and stick to it. Within a year of downloading it for the first time, I’d signed up for a Marathon. I still use it.

There’s more dyspraxia-friendly exercise chat in my book. I’ve also added a couple of good beginner’s running memoirs to my list of Book Recommendations. 

Genuine Copy

I used to use the name Genuine Copy for my content writing business. I don’t very often now as many of my clients prefer to feel they’re working with a person than a brand. I still love the name and the logo…

Questions about people whose websites I used to run

I have little or no contact with anyone I made a website for when I was under 25 and can’t answer questions about them.

I am, adorably, still in touch with a handful of people I got to know through personal blogging at that time.

“You sound serious! Do you ever write or talk about anything light?”

Absolutely! Please don’t assume from my work that any conversation with me has to be heavy or sad. If that was true, I wouldn’t be doing it.

Also, having something heavy in common with you doesn’t automatically mean it’s the reason I want to talk to you, or that we have to talk about it.